How to Use Your GoPro Remote

How to Use Your GoPro Remote

 If you’re a GoPro owner, you know how difficult it can be to get the right shot. When you’re in the middle of a life-changing experience, you need to have the control to record it right at your fingertips. Here are some of the ways the Andana GoPro Remote can improve your filming experience:


1. Hands Off

Reaching for your camera can be a tricky business. If you’re biking, skiing, or hang-gliding, chances are you’re going to have your hands full. In a lightning-fast situation, the time it takes to reach for your GoPro can make all the difference. The Andana Remote’s no-slip elastic wrist strap means you can get the shot safely and quickly, keeping your required movement to a bare minimum. The strap’s anchor point can also be used to mount the remote to handlebars or equipment.


  1. Mode to Mode

We’ve all been there: we think we’re filming, but the camera is stuck in picture mode. Take ruined. The Andana Remote completely solves this problem, allowing you to check and change your GoPro’s mode through its high-visibility LED indicators. While the left indicator tells you if you’re connected or charging, the right indicator tells you your mode. Remember:

Blue light = Video mode

Red light = Picture mode

Green light = Burst mode

If the light is blinking, you’re recording! But that’s not all - the Andana Remote also supports Time Lapse and Night Lapse modes. 

Red and green = Time lapse

Blue and green = Night lapse

Finally, if all the lights are on, that means you’re in Settings mode. You can cycle through your modes with the Power/Mode button, but why do that when you could use…


  1. The Magical Star Button

The Star button is your friend. The Star button is here to help you. When you need to get back to your favorite mode fast, the Star button takes you there. From Video to Night Lapse to Burst, you can program the Star button to instantly switch your GoPro to any mode. When you’re not filming, just press the Settings button, go to Remote Options, and save your preference under “Select a function for the Star button.” 

But when you ARE filming, the Settings button plays another role:


4. HiLight Tags

(NOTE: Only applies to some GoPro HERO models)

What’s the exact opposite of the visceral excitement of skydiving? That’s right, scrolling through hours and hours of GoPro footage, trying to find the 15 seconds you really want. HiLight tags make finding your memorable shots ridiculously easy. HiLight tags act as digital bookmarks on your footage, allowing you to mark out important moments so you can quickly find them later during editing. Simply press the Settings button while filming to set a HiLight tag.


  1. More Cameras, More Fun

The Andana GoPro Remote can support up to 6 cameras - start, stop, and switch modes on all 6 at once. Seems excessive? That’s because it is. But we know that GoPro heroes are the kind of people who go overboard, doing whatever they need to to get that perfect shot. And we know better than to get in your way.


  1. Basically Indestructible

Dustproof. Weatherproof. Waterproof to 3m (10ft). Encased in a rugged, durable polymer. The Andana remote stands up to basically anything you’ll encounter outdoors, apart from a bear. And even the bear might have some trouble with it. 

On the street, in the air, or on the slopes, the Andana GoPro Remote is designed to provide you with a simple, easy way to film. It gets the camera out of your way so you can focus on the task at hand.